About us



My name is Kay Locke and I live in Stockport with my husband Martin and two daughters Natasha and Olivia; I am a dog walker to Juno and my favourite pastime is to pause and listen to birdsong. I am also a yoga teacher, student of mindfulness and massage therapist who is dedicated to working in the community to support physical and mental wellbeing.

Where I work

Since I founded yoga2calm in 2009 I have worked with Stockport and Warwickshire local authorities, Central Manchester hospitals, local charities and schools. I have been inspired and very lucky to work therapeutically with some amazing people. In 2015 I was invited to speak at the Manchester and Birmingham NEC Autism Shows, and for the National Autistic Society in Manchester.  I have provided teacher trainings in yoga for mental health and yoga for children with special needs.

What I like to do

As a parent I realised that inclusive services for children and families affected by special needs are rare, and as an autistic person I have had to work hard to learn to reduce my own stress levels in everyday life.  Today many children, adults, parents, carers and teachers are extremely stressed. My aim is to help each person who attends a class to discover simple skills, to build up resilience and coping strategies to help them reduce their own stress levels and support their physical and mental wellbeing.